Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Look for two new Pagoda® wonton flavors at your local retailers

April 11, 2017 —  Continuing to live up to its leadership status in the frozen Asian snacks category, our Pagoda® brand team recently added two new wonton flavors as part of our commitment to deliver high-quality and delicious foods.

The two new flavors include:

  • Pagoda® Honey Sesame Chicken Wontons. This new product features a crispy shell filled with 100 percent white meat chicken, real honey and freshly cut carrots. It is paired with a sweet chili sauce.
  • Pagoda® Korean BBQ Style Beef Wontons. This new product features a crispy shell filled with grilled steak, freshly cut carrots and crushed red pepper flakes. It is paired with a new lime ponzu sauce.
“We stand behind our commitment to deliver bold flavors that will stand out to our customers and consumers,” said Jessie Joslin, director of marketing for the Pagoda® brand. “There is nothing better than walking down the frozen grocery aisle and finding your favorite brand has launched a new and exciting flavor.”

After careful research, Jessie said that the brand team decided on these flavors as it was what consumers were craving. It also extends the brand outside of its traditional offerings and into broader, on-trend Asian cuisines.

Consumers can search for where to find their favorite Pagoda® products at www.Pagodasnacks.com.

Bringing quality to market

Our Pagoda® brand team also worked on elevating quality. The core focus of the renovation included the brand’s wontons and potstickers which rounds out the existing ingredient-simplicity commitments made by our Pagoda® brand team in 2015.

“There is piquing consumer interest, especially among Millennials and Gen Xers, for more transparency and high-quality ingredients,” Jessie said. “As the leader in the frozen Asian snacks category, it is up to us to lead this innovation and meet the demands of our target market.”

She added that better ingredients lead to higher quality and more robust flavor, which is what consumers are looking for.

Focusing on four products, the team enhanced the recipes of four Pagoda® appetizers including: Chicken Potstickers, Pork Potstickers, Cream Cheese Wontons and Crab Rangoon.

The improvements for potstickers include:
  • Transition to preservative free.
  • Replaced soy sauce with an on-trend lime ponzu sauce.
  • Dough recipe was adjusted for better microwave preparation.
  • A 60 percent sodium reduction.
  • Reduced ingredient label.
The improvements for wontons include:
  • Transition to preservative free.
  • Replaced surimi with 100 percent real crab meat in Pagoda® Crab Rangoon.
  • Increased the amount of crab meat in the Pagoda® Crab Rangoon by 25 percent.
  • Pagoda® Crab Rangoon now includes a sweet chili sauce.
  • Reduced ingredient label.

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