Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The truck that started it all

Pictured is a restored replica of Marvin Schwan's 1946
Dodge panel van located in Marshall, Minnesota.
April 27, 2016 — In the lobby of our corporate office in Marshall, Minnesota, stands a proud reminder of the first delivery ever made by The Schwan Food Company — a 1946 Dodge panel van.

It isn’t the original truck, but for some, it’s just as special. Celebrating 40 years of business in 1992, employees presented the company’s founder, the late Marvin Schwan, with a completely restored replica of the vehicle in which he made his first delivery.

Upon receiving the gift, he walked around the vehicle very slowly and finally said, “Oh my, this is much nicer than the one I started out with.”

By all accounts, he was right. It is said that Marvin purchased his original truck in the 1950s for $100. It was the perfect price for the young upstart even though he could see through the floor boards, the doors were loose and it did not have a heater.

On March 18, 1952, Marvin loaded 14 gallons of ice cream into his road-weary truck and set out on his first route. By the end of the day, he sold it all and began formulating the business model that would eventually become The Schwan Food Company.

As the years have passed, the delivery trucks have changed, but one thing remains the same. To this day, the delivery truck is an essential tool in bringing great-tasting, quality foods to people across the country.

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