Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Flavor profile: JACK NICKLAUS Triple Chocolate Ice Cream

May 3, 2016 — When The Schwan Food Company’s product developers sat down with Jack and Barbara Nicklaus to work on flavors for the new Jack Nicklaus Ice Cream, everyone was excited about how engaged the first family of golf was on the project.

This was certainly apparent while choosing the original seven flavors for the JACK NICKLAUS brand. Jack, Barbara and the marketing team each knew they wanted one of the original flavors to be chocolate. However, Jack said he didn’t want just a regular, “everyday” chocolate ice cream. He wanted something special with “chunks of chocolate.”

“He told us he wanted a delicious chocolate ice cream with a lot of chunks and textures,” said Jill Maisch, a senior food scientist at Schwan who worked on the project with the Nicklauses. “He really knew his ice cream and was extremely specific in what he was looking for.”

The team then worked with the self-proclaimed ice cream aficionado and his wife on the new ice cream and developed every chocolate lover’s dream. They started with creamy, premium chocolate ice cream, added moist chocolate brownies for a soft texture and finished it off with flavorful chunks of dark chocolate.

“Jack and Barbara were extremely happy with the end result — as they have been with all of the flavors,” Jill said. “It was fun to work with him on the project.”

Today, you can find JACK NICKLAUS Triple Chocolate Ice Cream and other flavors in select grocery stores and through Schwan’s® home-delivery service. You can visit the JACK NICKLAUS website to learn about other flavors and where you can find the ice cream.

Jack and Barbara teamed with The Schwan Food Company last year to launch the line of premium ice cream pints. The partnership is benefitting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation.

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