Tuesday, March 14, 2017

This Pi Day, Agree to Disagree: Share a “Piece” Offering of Edwards® Crème Pie

March 14, 2017 — On a day known for pie-fueled celebrations, our Edwards® desserts brand team is helping Pi Day stand for much more by showing the joy that pie brings to the world. Pie can help people come together in any deliciously, velvety-layered, crispy-cookie-crumb-crust-flavor kind of way.

Today's Edwards™ Pi Day campaign encourages people to freeze the negativity and send an “Edwards™ Piece Offering” instead.

To participate, people can create and send personalized, digital Edwards™ Piece Offerings to friends, family or frenemies at Facebook.com/EdwardsDesserts.

Additional activities include:

  • Celebrities like Betsy Brandt, Tamera Mowry and Trista Sutter, who will celebrate Pi Day by sharing their own #EdwardsPieceOffering.
  • A surprise-and-delight social campaign that will intercept online arguments with Edwards™ Piece Offerings.
  • And, a Twitter party from 8 to 9 p.m. EST, which will be hosted in partnership with actress and pie aficionado Betsy Brandt. Anyone can join the conversation by logging onto Twitter and following #EdwardsPieceOffering.

Pi day occurs every year on March 14 because the date (3-14) matches the first three digits of Pi (3.14). So, on this Pi Day, instead of sharing a piece of their minds, our team is hoping people will make peace over a piece of Edwards® pie.

Edwards® desserts offer a variety of lusciously layered, thaw-and-serve crème pies, from Hershey’s® Chocolate Crème Pie to Key Lime Pie. Edwards® pies retail at $7.99 and are available in the freezer aisle of grocery stores nationwide.

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