Thursday, June 1, 2017

Finance team mentors students on career development

Members of our finance team recently volunteered
to help with the eMentor program, where they served as
mentors for high-school students from Worthington, Minnesota.
June 1, 2017 — For the second-consecutive year, employees from our finance department volunteered in an eMentor program, where they spent time working with students from Worthington High School in Minnesota. This year, a total of 23 employees from our offices in Marshall and Bloomington, Minnesota, volunteered their time for the program.

Efforts were coordinated by Customer Sales Planner Keri Johnson with key support from Chief Finance Officer Robin Galloway.

“Thank you to all employees who volunteered their time representing our company and helping this youth group as they begin seeking out potential career paths beyond high school,” said Keri.

The eMentor program was coordinated through BestPrep, which is a non-profit organization located in Minnesota. The organization’s mission is to prepare students with business, career and financial literacy skills through hands-on experiences that inspire success in work and life.

Throughout the program, students would email weekly questions to employees asking about a variety of topics, including career experience, choosing your attitude, travel experience, career exploration, financial literacy, math and health and wellness.

Midway through the eight-week program, the students visited employees in Marshall to do a “meet and greet,” where mentors and mentees could meet face-to-face. Students enjoyed a lunch that featured Schwan’s products, and Corporate Controller Jill Pieper gave a presentation about the company. Additionally, students were able to tour corporate offices and Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall.

Following participation in the program, students took a survey on their experiences. Survey results from the students were as follows:
  • 94 percent said their overall experience with the eMentors program as good or excellent.
  • 89 percent learned about the knowledge and skills needed for a professional career.
  • 89 percent said the program increased their determination to overcome challenges in school and life.
  • 83 percent said they have a better understanding of how education relates to future careers.
Team members who participated as mentors in the program included Renee Arndt, Jeff Cordes, Kaitlin Decker, Derek Golberg, Jon Goldtrap, Jennifer Gruenes, Robin Johnke, Jamey Johnson, Lindsey Johnson, Michael Lee, Patti Lentz, Melissa Lenz, Nicole Lewis, Ann Longtin, Margaret Olafson, John Schaefer, Heidi Schmid, Michael Stassen, Vanessa Stensrud, Alissa Vandelanotte, Justin Vanderwerf and Pauline Vogl.

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