Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Celebrating our summer interns of 2017

Our summer interns from Marshall, Minnesota,
joined interns in Bloomington, Minnesota, for a development
day that included networking and career-journey exploration.
Pictured here include Ross Faber, left, Kevin Seabury, Jeremy Gebhart,
Kiley Hagman, Kelsey Kinner, Michaela Minock and Paaj Lee.
Aug. 15, 2017 — Before this year’s summer intern class continues their educational and career journeys beyond Schwan’s, we’d like to thank them for their time and participation with us. After several weeks on the job, this year’s intern class became an important part of our Schwan's team.

“We were excited to have this group of students helping us work toward our Desired State this summer,” said Marta Leach, manager of talent development. “During their time with us, interns are exposed to several projects and responsibilities that help them gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of our business and the value of teamwork.”
Here is our summer intern group from Bloomington,
Minnesota. During their internship, they had
the opportunity to volunteer at Second Harvest Heartland.

Every summer, our company invites college students to join the Schwan’s team and apply their formal education and knowledge in a real-life work setting. The program is mutually beneficial as the interns gain further experience before entering the workforce and our company is able to connect with the leaders of tomorrow and learn more about future industry insights and trends practiced among current scholars.

In addition to each intern’s assigned duties for the summer, our team ensures team-building activities so the interns can share their experiences throughout the process. These include volunteer activities with local non-profit organizations focused on our company’s primary philanthropic focus areas of hunger, youth and community.

Adding to their journey, the interns also attend a special development day to network and learn more about the company and career development.

Marta said the development day is an opportunity for interns to learn more about Schwan’s culture, career development and share their intern experiences with one another. Special activities planned throughout the development day included:

  • A development day kick-off presentation from Vice President of Learning & Development Julie de Ranitz.
  • A networking lunch with the executive committee.
  • A StrengthsFinder 2.0 session led by Human Resources Director Mardi Fellows and Senior Manager of Human Resources Shelly Bangerter.
  • A special presentation about career journeys and development from Senior Director of Learning & Development Kari Ziemer.
  • A panel with Matt Pryor, Sarah Linn, Darcy Mitsch and Kirsten Engen that answered interns' recruiter-related questions to prepare them for their job searches following graduation.

This year’s intern class was made up of 28 students from different colleges and universities across the country. Each of our business units had interns scheduled to do project work during the 12- to 14-week summer internship.

The interns include Gib Schuessler, BreAnn McDermand, Derrick Sherrill, Miles Ownby, Victor Voorhees, Kevin Seabury, Chris Millan, Peter Nordgren, Hannah Karl, Michaela Minock, Paaj Lee, Matthew Teasdale, Brian Thompson, Rebekah Danielson, Elijah Schwan, Ali Shater, Debjani Mallick, Rose Inglis, Joe Collins, Jen Schreifels-Watkins, Sophia Schwan, Kelsey Kinner, Warren Melton, Kiley Hagman, Jeremy Gebhart, Ross Faber, Alaina Klingenberg and Patrick Roberts.

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