Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Edwards® brand team launches two new ads

Sept. 5, 2017 — Our Edwards® brand team from Schwan’s Consumer Brands recently released two 30-second digital ads celebrating the delicious dessert brand's new “Own the Occasion” campaign. The two new ads, “Fruit Plate” and “Sisters” feature women who bring an Edwards dessert to their gathering and nail it for their occasion.

You can catch this campaign on digital platforms such as streaming services, TV network websites and social media.

“Our goal with the ‘Own the Occasion’ campaign is that people can feel confident when they bring an Edwards dessert to their next family and friend function,” said Associate Brand Marketing Manager Danny Jenniges. “During the ads, our main characters, seeing that their dessert is nearly all gone, get a boost of confidence that they made the right choice and brought the party favorite.”

The first ad, “Fruit Plate,” takes place during a typical “girls night” where women have gathered with plenty of wine and talking. In an adjoining dining room, there is a dessert table, which includes an Edwards Hershey’s™ Chocolate Crème pie and a mostly untouched fruit plate. A woman observes the consumption difference of the pie compared to the hardly touched fruit plate. When she sees another guest grab one of the last slices of the Edwards pie, she internally recognizes herself for bringing the dessert that people enjoyed.

The second ad, “Sisters,” plays on the all-too common sibling rivalry. Taking place at a backyard family cookout, a sister relays internal messages to herself as she observes her father returning to the dessert table for another slice of the Edwards Turtle Pie she brought. The frame then transitions to her sister, where she says to herself “Who’s the favorite now, Kim? Doesn’t matter how many MBAs you have … I’ve got a master's in dessert administration.”

Our Edwards brand team launched its new “Own the Occasion” campaign this spring following a new packaging launch in early 2017. The brand continues to focus on expanding innovation beyond pies.

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