Thursday, December 14, 2017

Celebrating employees making a difference

Dec. 13, 2017 — By definition, a hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities.

Here at Schwan’s, we have our own heroes. We call them our “Schwan’s heroes” and have documented their stories in company newsletters for years.

On any given day our team members are faced with opportunities to help individuals in many types of situations, whether it’s a property fire, medical emergency, motor-vehicle accident or helping during a natural disaster.

To celebrate our heroes and their achievements, we’d like to share a few stories the past few months:

Brenneman commended for being a ‘good Samaritan’

Route Sales Representative Rex Brenneman, who works from our depot in Napoleon, Ohio, out-did himself, according to a letter from one of his grateful customers. The letter reads:

“I want to commend one of your drivers who was instrumental in saving my husband’s life. …

“We are in our 80s and my husband has Alzheimer’s. About the middle of June on a 90-degree-plus day, he wandered away and before I could find him, he was about a ½-mile down the railroad tracks near our home. I called for help and our son was on his way. Before he got there, Rex came by and stopped to see what was wrong. He ran — ran — down the tracks … to catch up with him and stayed with him until our son got there and brought him home. 

“Rex has always been kind, patient and helpful. (He carried our order through two rooms to where our freezers are.) This time he outdid himself. Thank you for good product, good service and a Good Samaritan driver.”

Shondel uses training to spot trouble

Paying attention to surroundings comes naturally for Route Sales Representative Robert Shondel, who works out of the depot in Washington, Iowa.

While walking through the hall of a senior living home to service a customer, Rob noticed a resident having issues getting into her apartment. He noticed she was sweating and stopped to ask her if she was okay. When she indicated she was fine, Rob continued down the hall to his customer’s apartment.

When Rob returned to the same area, the resident was still attempting to enter her apartment. Rob noticed she was still sweating and when he talked to her, her speech was harder to understand. Quickly, Rob contacted another nearby resident to keep an eye on her while he went for help. Finding a phone in the lobby, Rob called 911 and waited until the ambulance arrived to continue on with his day.

The next day, Service Operations Specialist Scott Houser called the housing complex to see how the person was doing. He was told by the property manager that the whole building was talking about the “Schwan’s man” who helped save a life and the resident was doing well and on the mend.

“We touch a lot of lives, have contact with many senior citizens and due to our training, we have the ability to recognize when people are in trouble. Rob went above and beyond recognizing a problem and potentially saving a life,” Scott said.

At Schwan’s Company, we strive to live by our corporate values, which include “integrity” and “helping one another.” Thanks goes out to all of our “Schwan’s heroes” for living by these values and caring enough to make a huge difference in people’s lives.

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