Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Schwan's People You Need To Know

“Schwan’s People You Need to Know” is an ongoing series of stories about some of the people who help make Schwan's Company and its subsidiaries a great place to work.
Mourad Loutfi works at our pizza facility in Florence, Kentucky.

Loutfi looks forward to making each day a better one

Nov. 7, 2018 — When talking about work culture, Maintainer Operator Mourad Loutfi said he values the teamwork that is often achieved at Schwan’s Company.

“I am passionate about working with the best people and making every day a challenge to perform better than the day before,” Mourad said. “I am proud of working with the best people.”

Mourad joined the company’s pizza facility in Florence, Kentucky, in 2008 as a line attendant. He has since held positions in sanitation and in the plant bakery. For the past two years, he has served as a maintainer operator, where he is responsible for running and maintaining equipment in the bakery.

He recently took some time to share his story.

Q: Tell us something about yourself that most people at Schwan’s do not know.

A: I am a cook. I love to cook at home.

Q: How have you grown since working at Schwan’s?

A: I started as a line attendant, and then I went to sanitation. I was there for four years and became a backup lead. Then I went to our bakery where I was a crust monitor operator and then a mixer/sheeter operator. And now I am a maintainer operator.

Q: What is a typical day like in your role?

A: When I come through the door, my full focus is on how to make the day better. I discuss with the maintainer operators from the shift before how their day was and whether there were any issues with the equipment that we need to be aware of. I also check messages from management on anything I need to know, and then I try to make the day the best ever.

Q: What do you like best about the culture?

A: Our culture is one where we all get involved and it makes us feel like owners in the business.

Q: What do our company vision and values mean to you?

A: I think they are very important. I like the vision and how we work to make sure we’re a company that offers great opportunities and to be a place where people like to work.

Q: What are you most proud of in your career with Schwan’s?

A: I am proud of working with the best people in the business, and also the progress I have made. I have gone from being a temporary to a full-time employee. And, I have been chosen by team members for Schwan’s recognition awards.

Q: What is your favorite food from Schwan’s subsidiaries?

A: I like Red Baron® pizza and Schwan’s® ice cream sandwiches.

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