Monday, July 20, 2020

Introducing Schwan's intern class of 2020

July 20, 2020 — Since COVID-19, employees and businesses across the U.S. have had to adjust to new ways of operating. At Schwan’s Company, this includes our summer internship program, which is being facilitated virtually with interns working remotely in their homes. Earlier this summer, we welcomed 20 interns, who are working in various departments throughout the company including marketing, food safety & quality, finance, engineering, human resources, information services and more.

“Our internship program is a highlight for us every summer,” said Sarah Rohne, college relations manager. “Although we are not able to work with students in-person, the importance of the program still remains. With the help of technology, our team put together a hybrid version of our traditional program and integrated many of the experiential and engagement activities with students on a virtual platform.”

The main goal of Schwan’s Company’s summer internship program is to provide meaningful learning and development opportunities so that interns can gain a better understanding of how they would like to pursue their careers after school.

With interns working remotely this year, the projects, team engagement and training activities are now hosted via Microsoft Teams. Each intern is assigned a manager and mentor, who are Schwan’s employees and meant to serve as resources throughout their internship, and the college relations team serves as a thread to support the program’s overall success.

This year’s interns include:
  • Taylor Batz, University of Cincinnati (Quality Engineering).
  • Brock Buysse, Southwest Minnesota State University (Logistics & Transportation).
  • Cameron Califf, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (Marketing MBA).
  • Audrey Davidson, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (Marketing).
  • Tyler Grimm, University of Minnesota, Duluth (Territory Sales).
  • Graham Halverson, University of Minnesota (Finance).
  • Audrey Hapka, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (Finance).
  • Alec Jacobson, University of Wisconsin (Quality Engineering).
  • Kamana KC, St. Cloud State University (Enterprise Architecture).
  • Emma Lindahl, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (Human Resources).
  • Morgan McCarthy, University of Denver (Marketing).
  • Daniel McCoy, University of Iowa (Territory Sales).
  • Janette Mendoza, University of St. Thomas (College Relations & Talent Acquisition).
  • Eric Minett, Dakota State University (Data Science).
  • Sohail Patel, North Carolina State University (Process Engineering).
  • Marissa Peschel, University of Minnesota (Learning & Development).
  • Jacey Schiager, Southwest Minnesota State University (Accounting & Tax).
  • Jacob Schumacher, Minnesota State University, Mankato (Audit).
  • Charlie Vang, Southwest Minnesota State University (Finance).
  • Sarah Whitcomb, Purdue University (Quality Engineering).

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